The Healing Artist – Internet Radio Show, 2014: “Practical Actions for Greening NYS, A Panel Discussion”

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On Living Roof AW:

“This is a really interesting rooftop project because it’s actually owned by the DOT and it’s located at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. We are repurposing the roof to be an edible farm. And we will donate the food to local food pantries. We’re doing this to raise awareness and to take advantage of this already existing rooftop space and give it a second life. This is our highlight project- the one we’re most excited about.”

On her interest in urban agriculture AW:
“I guess I can thank the city for that. I went through a program called NEW (Nontraditional Employment for Women). It is a city-funded program. They had just launched a twist on their traditional programming, which was “Green Collar Training,” as opposed to Blue Collar Training, which trains women to be carpenters, electricians, etc. This NEW program trained women to install solar panels, weatherization, etc. As soon as I heard about green roofs, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ve always been kind of obsessed with space utilization. So, as soon as I realized that there were so many empty spaces that we can do this awesome thing to, I couldn’t turn away. Going from putting aesthetic plants up there, to edibles; edibles was just the cherry on top.”

On the Mobile Greenhouse AW:
“The mobility of the greenhouse is key because we can bring these greenhouses to food deserts and places that need it. As opposed to changing the infrastructure of an already existing grocery store, you can bring the grocery store to the places in need. This mobile greenhouse is designed to be able to go to different hubs in cities around the country.”

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