Living Restoration was founded in 2011 with the mission of promoting sustainable building practices, community development and urban agriculture. We are a collaborative of green roof, environmental, architecture and marketing professionals that specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of urban agricultural spaces.

Living Restoration works with building owners, urban farmers, educational institutions and food service establishments to create urban greenspaces and community farms. In addition to the social and ecological benefits, Living Restoration’s installations increase building efficiency, take advantage of current local building performance incentives, and increase revenue for the building owner.

Living Restoration commits to a business model that generates green collar jobs and stimulates local economies. We create value-added spaces from the non-traditional and underemployed settings of the urban environment through functional rooftop design, community engagement and industry synergy. Living Restoration hopes fosters the relationship between the urban building owner and the urban dweller; one that will provide for a retreat into a nature oriented environment.

Living Restoration works to include all levels of engagement in community gardening. We welcome the novice and experienced gardeners and can customize services to meet any capacity of involvement. We work with individual farmers, educational institutes and food service establishments and can develop gardening systems for various scales of production. Whether you are looking to manage the growth of your own plot or would like hands on support from an experienced Living Restoration staff member we can help meet your needs.

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