Consultation and Installation

Our Process

Green rooftop space must be customized to meet varying criteria for function and aesthetics. For this reason, Living Restoration works with building owners, community members and building staff to develop unique and innovative strategies for rooftop utilization. Below is the dynamic and collaborative process we use to tailor our services to the building owner’s criteria. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Preliminary Assessment

A Living Restoration green roof professional conducts a free on-site assessment to determine project viability and consult with project stakeholders.

Value-Added Accessories

Living Restoration staff identify additional use options for the rooftop space and incorporate these models into the design.


Project specifications are established and a visual model of the rooftop space and budget are provided.


A project timeline is developed and installation is managed by a Living Restoration certified green roof professional.


Living Restoration offers maintenance and management of the rooftop space upon completion of the installation.


Management Services

  • Specialized design of community roof-top garden plots for annual rent.
  • Fee collection and lease renewal services for garden plot rentals.
  • Consultation on cost effective installations and incentive based tax abatement.
  • Marketing strategies that generate consumer interest in community garden membership and parceled garden space.
  • Structurally sound green roof design and routine maintenance.
  • Active engagement of garden participants through education and guidance on sustainable gardening techniques and plot maintenance.

Working With Building Owners

Living Restoration offers traditional greenroof installation and garden rooftop design and management. As a management company, Living Restoration develops innovative alternatives for roof-top spaces. Living Restoration’s manages the relationship between the building owner’s underutilized roof-top space and the community’s need for a green environment. We can custom fit roof-top design to fit all buildings styles including multi-family residential buildings, single residential dwellings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

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