Ground-Level Farms

Traditional Ground-Level Farms

Living Restoration provides traditional ground-level farm design and installation for the urban environment. Vacant lots litter the urban environment. Our team can help you transform an under-utilized space into a traditional ground-level farm. We will test your soil for contaminants to ensure that your food is contaminant-free. Living Restoration  provides customized designs to meet the client’s expectations for cost, function, and aesthetics.  Each project is managed under the professional care and expertise of a Living Restoration’s certified professionals.

Through custom design and installation, we can create systems for growing food that overcome the least conventional of conditions. Every household, classroom or farm offers an opportunity to create the best quality food in the most innovative ways.

Installation and Consultation

Living Restoration specializes in the installation of urban farms. We will consult on, manage, and/or install your farm. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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