Rooftop Gardens

Aesthetic Rooftops

Transform your UNDERUTILIZED space into a diverse green space.

Living Restoration offers traditional green roof design and installation services that take advantage of underutilized rooftops to create spaces that support sustainable building practices and offer natural landscapes where you least expect to find them.

Garden Rooftop Model

In addition to traditional green-roof design and installation, Living Restoration offers rooftop garden management services to building owners and urban plot farmers. Building owners looking to create an outdoor space for the community and maximize on the revenue generating potential of a building can opt into the Living Restoration Garden Rooftop Model. Living Restoration partitions off roof top space for community garden plot rentals and installs green roof features that result in tax abatement, energy savings and reduced storm water runoff. We handle the management of the plot rentals and generate interest throughout the grow seasons. Members are actively engaged through urban gardening workshops and private consultations with Living Restoration’s gardening specialists. The Living Restoration Garden Rooftop Model can be customized to meet the needs of individual urban farmers, educational institutions and restaurants.


  • Supplemental revenue for the building owner from plot tax abatement and energy savings.
  • Increased longevity of the roof membrane.
  • Enhanced building assets and building marketability.

Installation and Consultation

Living Restoration specializes in the installation of aesthetic rooftop garden. We will consult on, manage, and/or install your farm. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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