Rooftop Farms

About Edible Rooftops

Generate food from our most readily available growing spaces, rooftops.

Give new meaning to eating food grown locally by turning your un-used rooftop space into a edible rooftop farm. You can supply you and your community with our most needed asset- food. In addition, you can receive the benefits of a green roof for your building, including a smaller energy bill and a happier environment.

Traditional Greenroof Model

Living Restoration provides traditional green roof design and installation for the urban rooftop. A green roof is a contained vegetated space situated on top of a building structure. Green roofs are designed to interact with buildings to improve building performance and enhance longevity of the roof. Living Restoration provides customized designs to meet the client’s expectations for cost, function and aesthetics. Each project is managed under the professional care and expertise of a Living Restoration Certified Green Roof Professional.


  • Supplemental revenue for the building owner from tax abatement and energy savings.
  • Increased longevity of the roof membrane.
  • Enhanced building assets and building marketability.

Installation and Consultation

Living Restoration specializes in the installation of edible rooftop farms. We will consult on, manage, and/or install your farm. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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